The Return of Pasta Cat, photograph of woman eating pasta in a cat onesie, on a red sofa, with a cat, Sheffield, UK, 2015
Feeding the habit, photograph of a girl eating fast food on her blue bed, Thorne, UK, 2015
Eddie, Are You OK? photograph of a man eating a trifle on his red leather sofa, with Eddie mask from Iron Maiden, Bradford, UK, 2015
In the Chicken House, photograph of woman with dogs and chicken on a farm, with a cup of tea and cake, Silsden, UK, 2015. Commended, Food for the Family, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards, 2016
Half Past Three, photograph of Grandmother & Granddaughter sharing meal of chucky/dippy eggs in Grandma's kitchen, Doncaster, UK, 2015. Commended, Food for the Family, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards, 2016
Food Porn, photograph of woman in bath eating cheese sandwich, Oxenhope, UK, 2015
Master & Commander, photograph of man eating burger in front of home made bbq, Bradford, UK 2015
Mona Lisa Fish n Chips, photograph of woman eating fish n chips on her knee in the front room of her house, Bradford, UK, 2015
My Cup of Happiness is Overflowing, photograph of a woman preparing a meal in her kitchen, Thornton, UK, 2015
The Flexitarian and her Meat-Eating-Foetus, photograph of a pregnant woman lying on sofa, eating bacon, with her dog, Baildon, UK, 2015
Happy Place, photograph of man drinking cup of wine in his red kitchen in front of stove, Bradford, UK, 2015
Meal for Two, photograph of woman cosy on her red sofa with her cat, eating bowl of pasta, Sheffield, UK. Highly Commended, Food for the Family, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, 2015
Martha's kitchen, photograph of woman baking in vintage headscarf and apron, in her kitchen, Leeds, UK, 2015
Barrow Boy, photograph of man lying in wheelbarrow in garden, with cider, and freshly picked spring onions, with dog, Bradford, UK, 2015
The Cook's Companion, woman in red headscarf preparing feast in her dining room, watched by kitten, Skipton, UK, 2015
Of Bread & Beer, man eating lunch of cheese, ham and bread, in brew house of brewery, with beer, Shipley, UK, 2015

Personal Project 1: Foodentity

Food choice is influenced by our cultural heritage and time/space coordinates, and says much about who we are. We also use food choice to construct our identity, making ideological and political food decisions. Our relationship with food is complex, revealing a range of human emotions, and passionately held ideals and beliefs.

Food photography in popular culture and the mainstream media conjure fantasies of everyday life: a consensual hallucination which we all buy into. We perpetuate a cycle of media, image, reality, image. Food images have a central status in our lives, epitomised by the growth of popular tv, magazines, cookbooks, blogs, and the proliferation of food images posted to social media.

'Foodentity' explores identity in relation to food, and questions the idealised food image in contemporary culture.

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